Today’s Donors of the Day

This donation goes out to one of my friends and former teammate at Saint Anselm College. This one goes out to you Mr. Will Kussin! Thank you for the support and also for putting up with my bs during practices…You’ve always been as cool as a cucumber and I appreciate your help in donating to the Samaritans and helping lower the incidence of suicide in our community. I couldn’t find you on the book so I had no other choice then to google search your mug. I hope you’re doing well, Will!


Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos

Last week I came across an article and video on Michael Angelakos and living with a mental illness. It’s a quick read and video but there is a lot to it. Thanks for your honesty and courage, Michael. I really appreciate the fact that he mentions that he struggled to accept that he has bipolar disorder but that he also found that receiving help and being more transparent with himself really helped.

Passion Pit has been one of my favorite bands since seeing them at the Miracle on Tremont Street years ago and their Manners album is one of those albums that you can listen to from beginning to end without a skip.


Full video and article here:


Today’s Donor of the Day!

Drum roll please…………..Congratulations to Rachel Arria Ovaginian for being today’s Donor of the Day! It’s been a very long time since I last saw Rachel and for her to reach out and make donation to Samaritans really made me feel good. Rachel and I graduated from Winchester High School together in 2005 and she is now residing in Bow, NH. The support from the Sachem family is incredible. Thank you for your help Rachel it means a lot to me.


Today’s Run Recap

Despite it being cold on today’s run, it was my best to date since training started. In total we covered just under 14 miles starting from Kenmore Square and running out to Newton, up Comm Ave and back to Kenmore. Tons of other runners were out and about which helped morale for sure. Throughout the entire run I streamed SOJA on Pandora which is great running music…not too slow, not too fast, keeps you in a nice groove throughout.

The only sign of concern from today is that I’ve been experiencing some knee pain as of late, specifically in my right knee…Right around the nine mile marker today I had to stop and get a good stretch because it was killing me. With all that said, I just finished gettin’ my roll on with a foam roller and feel pretty good.

When we finished the run, another runner took his beanie off mentioning that he was feeling something bump against his neck throughout the run and found an icicle hanging off the back of it. Crazy, right?

IMG_2617 IMG_2620


9 Damaging Myths about Mental Illness

Thanks to news stories, books, and movies, the terms “mentally ill” and “crazy” can be used interchangeably in the minds of far too many people. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Mental illness encompasses a vast array of disorders including ADHD, depression, and anxiety – the vast majority of which respond very well to proper treatment and are rarely associated with “insanity”.

So if you or someone you love has just been diagnosed with a mental disorder and dread any potential stigma (which is often due to myths), it’s time to arm yourself with the facts. Following are 9 of the most common – and often damaging – myths about mental illness, and the reality behind them:


Today’s DOD!

Today’s DOD goes out to three of the best guys around! I want to thank and congratulate  Tim, Tom and Mr. Nolan for being today’s Donors of the Day! On top of these three, the entire Nolan family have been incredibly welcoming and generous to me from the day I met them and I am very grateful to have them in my life. I could go on-and-on talking about all the awesome times I’ve had with Tom and the rest of the Nolan clan but I really want to thank them for all of their support over the years and a special shout out to Tim, Tom and Mr. Nolan for their support in helping prevent suicide in our community.10399342_512970720836_6592_n

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99 Days & DOD!

As of today I have 99 more days of fundraising and training for the 2015 Boston Marathon. Although, I already reached my original fundraising goal of $7,500 I am now aiming for $10,000! If you’re interested in helping please visit my Crowdrise Page:

Any amount is greatly appreciated. Your help goes directly toward helping fund Samaritans operations of providing grief support and 24/7 support and listening services to those in need of talking with someone.

Now for the Donor of the Day…Sticking with the San Francisco theme, I want to congratulate Alex Rickler as today’s DOD! Rickler recently moved to SF for work and was nice enough to show me around the city for the last two days I was there.

Rickler and I became friends when I coached for the lacrosse team at Northeastern and we have remained friends since. Rickler was one of our goalies and fearless leaders between the pipes for years and possessed one of the best trots from the shaking of hands in the middle of the field down to his crease before each start. It truly was a thing of beauty. But in all seriousness, Alex is one of the friendliest people I know and has an incredible sense of humor. Thanks again Rickler I really appreciate your support!


The Power of Talking

While researching suicide statistics at the Golden Gate Bridge, I came across a story that you need to read if you haven’t already. The story provides a real picture into the power of talking and how it can save lives.  The story also highlights a bond between two men as they reunite eight years after a 60 minute conversation the two had on March 11, 2005.

The acts of both Kevin Berthia and Kevin Briggs on March 11, 2005 is nothing short of heroic. For Briggs, having the listening and talking skills to work with Berthia as he is inches away from falling to his death is beyond amazing. For Berthia, the incredible amount of bravery and courage he showed by putting his trust into a total stranger and climbing back to safety while being in an incredibly emotional situation is remarkable.

After I read the story I couldn’t help but link it to Samaritans and I thought about the countless conversations the organizations volunteers have had with people needing someone to talk with and the lives that have been saved. As simple as it is, having the ability to communicate with one another and possessing empathy is the most powerful thing we share.

If my blog ever reaches these two men I hope you both know how appreciative and inspired I am of your bravery, courage, and hope.


San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge

I’ve been in San Francisco this past week for work and finally had time to go on a run today and write about it. Today’s run has an enormous amount of significance to what I’m doing because my route involved running over the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic symbol of San Francisco and the Unites States as a whole. It was also declared one of the Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers and is the most photographed bridge in the world. With that said, the bridge also holds claim to a very sad statistic.

Since the bridge opened in 1937, over 1,600 people have died by jumping from the bridge. This number makes the bridge the top suicide site on earth. When I mapped out my run I knew about this statistic and made it a point to run across the bridge.

When I reached the middle of the bridge I stopped to say a prayer for the lives that have been lost from jumping from the bridge. I thought of their families and prayed that they have been able to continue with their own lives. I also prayed that the number of incidents of suicide at the bridge will diminish and that we as people will start to make a larger effort to help lessen the incidence of suicide and rid the stigma that is associated with mental illness and suicide.